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Territorios - Jigsaw

Territorios is a photographic investigation of different communities coexisting in the same territory - in this ocasion Brooklyn. The result of her stay and the long walks across this land. In this project Susana Lopez Fernandez presents her thoughts about coexistence, tolerance, respect, diversity, and continues her Chopsticks´ idea - a reference to our necessity to adapt to a new culture at the same time we try to preserve our origins.

Before travelling to New York, Lopez´s initial idea was to work with jewish orthodox community, who lives in Brooklyn (Williamsburg and Borough Park), using the Chinese New Year in the context of Chinese Community in New York (Sunset Park, Chinatown and Flushing).

Brooklyn has been a magnet for immigrants for a long time and from anywhere (China, Poland, Latin America, Middle East or Italy), and where they coexist together. When she was working on this project Susana Lopez Fernandez spent a lot of time walking around the city. During this time she thought how to put her ideas in order.

Territorios is a personal reflection, born through her observation in how all these communities match together as the pieces of a jigsaw. This is because the translation from Spanish to English is not literal. When she was thinking in Spanish she was drawn to the word 'Territorios', but when she translated it to English she used Jigsaw, because she liked the sound of this word, and also because it expresses how she imagines communities match together.

The result of the project is a group of images or photocollage where she painted the Brooklyn´s Sky_Line. Each image in the serie has the same silhouette. In this way the images can be connected to each other to create various pairings.

This Saturday event will be the starting point for the 2nd part of Territorios where the City of London, will be the main stage this time and she will use the Underground map as a pattern.

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